Joinery Services, Queenstown

Design & Build

Whether you need the services of a professional cabinetmaker for building a particular project or you need a design and plan drawn to suit your requirement, Wakatipu Joinery treats every individual job with respect.

The extensive experience of Tony Emanuel gives him the ability to visualize and interpret your particular wants, from the initial conception through to the finished project. Advice on materials, construction, and costs are always well founded and taken into account regardless of the scale of work.

The Design process is taken very seriously. Basic drawings of what is being made are supplied without charge. A more thorough design process will be charged, but is fully deducted from the cost of the Joinery if you proceed with the work. Experience shows that taking the time to thoughtfully design and research at the start of a project pays dividends later on.

True artisan design and workmanship is the difference Wakatipu Joinery prides itself on.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

With Kitchens being such an integral part of the home, the importance of ‘getting it right’ can’t be understated. Many kitchen manufacturers follow fashion and stick to their own basic, comfortable formula.

Wakatipu Joinery is one for wanting to step outside the square and delivering something with a point of difference. Seldom are two spaces or two clients the same and Wakatipu Joinery can deliver the perfect cabinetry to suit your space and personal taste.

Whether a $10,000 kitchen or $100,000; individual, customised and perfectly harmonised for the space is the end result.

We can also cater for bathroom and wardrobe cabinetry. The same process and attitude towards delivering a professional, quality product applies.

Bespoke Joinery

Many other areas of the home require the attention of a skilled joiner; from bunkrooms to wall units to dining tables.

Fitting these items to your own space and requirements will make a dramatic difference to the way you feel and live in your surrounds. Tony Emanuel is always keen to assist with the design and build of all cabinetmaking work.